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The Good, The Bad & The Queen is a new album featuring Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz), Paul Simonon (The Clash), Tony Allen (Africa 70 / Fela Kuti) and Simon Tong (The Verve).

The Good, The Bad & The Queen will be released by Honest Jons / Parlophone on 22nd January 2007, and will be preceded by a single Herculean, out 30th October 2006.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

1. History Song
2. 80s Life
3. Northern Whale
4. Kingdom of Doom
5. Herculean
6. Behind the Sun
7. The Bunting Song
8. Nature Springs
9. A Soldier_s Tale
10. Three Changes
11. Green Fields
12. The Good, The Bad & The Queen

The Good, The Bad & The Queen began life in the Aphrodisia Studios in Nigeria in 2004. Damon Albarn and guitarist Simon Tong had travelled to Lagos to record with veteran drummer and Afrobeat pioneer Tony Allen. Working with local musicians, the trio recorded an album’s worth of material. Back in England, Damon was finishing off Gorillaz’ ‘Demon Days’ album and the project went on the back burner.

By the time they came back to it – and when Damon gave the recordings to producer Brian ‘Danger Mouse’ Burton – feelings about the record had changed. Damon Albarn: “I just felt that record didn’t really need me on it. I’ll still use the songs but I’m not going to sing them. When Brian came on board it really started to become, The Good, The Bad and The Queen; I started writing about this area – West London – and coming to define here and why I think it’s such a special place to live.”

The final collaborator to come in to the studio was Clash bassist – and West London native – Paul Simonon. When the call went out to see if Paul would be interested in working on the project, it turned out that he lived only a few streets away from Damon. After The Clash, Paul’s main focus had been not music but painting, although he had no trouble getting back into the rhythm of writing and rehearsing: “I came down to listen to two tracks, and I could hear a bassline for it immediately. So we thought ‘give it a go’ and started from scratch … we made a whole new record.”

Sessions for the album took place in Damon’s studio just off the Golborne Road, and in Devon, and were finished by early summer 2006.

The result is a record specific to a place and a time but with a background that is geographically wide-ranging and stretches far back into a glittering musical past. The Good, The Bad & The Queen traces a journey from the English music hall tradition, over to West Africa for Afrobeat, zigzagging through the West Indies and its reggae and dub, back to England and London’s punk scene, all the while taking in a strand of British beat music from the ’50s right through to Britpop.
It is, says Damon, “a series of letters and historical stories and moments in time. It’s not a nostalgic play on Englishness. It’s more about what I think it is to be English now. I think we’ve made a record that has quite a fresh approach to this part of London.” For Paul, the key to understanding the area is Portobello Market: “it’s the focal point for the whole community, rich or poor, all different cultures. We’re products of living here, our experiences and our outlook. We’re open-minded people really.”

The title refers to a line on the record’s climax; “It’s the blessed routine for the good the bad and the Queen.” Which is another way of saying “this is about today, this is about the present”. The Good, The Bad & The Queen is a heartfelt tribute to London: a detailed historical document and a hymn to the possibilities of the future.