RAMMSTEIN’s live DVD/CD extravaganza Völkerball has been confirmed for U.S. release late summer 2007 via Universal Music.

Völkerball, which translates literally as “People’s Ball,” is a multi-format audio/visual 5.1 package documenting the November 2004–July 2005 tour supporting the Reise, Reise tour that played to one million people across 21 different countries, every venue hosting an enormous castle laboratory set, a cool 140 tons of gear and transport and 63 crew members (plus local hands & drivers), including five on the pyro side alone!

Völkerball boasts the no-half-measures approach to art that Rammstein fans have come to expect since the six Berliners’ 1995 debut album Herzeleid, their 1998 worldwide breakthrough and first U.S. gold album Sehnsucht and subsequent efforts Mutter (2001), Reise, Reise (2004) and Rosenrot (2005). The collection is of particular interest to the U.S. fan, being that while nearly 40,000 turned out for these shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg alone (just to cite those cities as examples), the Reise, Reise tour never made it to U.S. shores.

Völkerball is therefore the first chance for the North American Rammstein fanatic to experience this once in a lifetime outing-and those fans are legion: Rammstein records typically exceed U.S. sales of 200,000 without supporting tour dates, while Entertainment Weekly recently profiled a Rammstein aficionado for their “Obsessive Fan of the Week” column. Völkerball offers said “obsessives” an entire concert from Nimes in Southern France, filmed in a Roman amphitheatre in front of 12,500 fans; selected footage from London, Tokyo and Moscow, plus two documentaries showing the musicians at their most candid & relaxed, making for an overall package that gives a never-before-seen insight into both Rammstein the band and Rammstein the people.

Völkerball will be available in the following formats:

Standard Edition: 2 disc set, available in a CD digi-pack (1 DVD, 140 minutes live video; 1 CD, 75 minutes live audio)

Special Edition: 3 disc set, available in a DVD digi-pack (1 DVD, 140 minutes live video; 1 DVD, 90 minutes of documentary footage, including Anakonda Im Netz (Anaconda In The Net) and Reise, Reise: The Making Of The Album; 1 CD, 75 minutes live audio)

Limited Edition: 190-Page Tour Photo Book, including all of the 3 disc content plus the complete audio to the live show (140 minutes): a prestige 4 disc set.
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