To Beck?
“Out of all the appropriate situations to find oneself, the least being the hurtling of loose bricks, the parties involved first disclosed their coordinates and proffered cards which happened to be in their pockets. From an embassy of restraint and a superimposed background they assembled at the time of next convenience and weighed their options. Drag a filing cabinet across a subdivision or sit out the current situation till a more reliable picture of the situation materialized. Neither seemed all that enticing, so the course was set, the workstation laminated and some biofeedback sorted out for use in further research. After the frequency which would shatter a display case was discovered they launched themselves at a barricade of empty cardboard boxes. All these games were inconsequential at first but then later provided some back story for the urge to be a human battering ram. While so many people with disposable incomes sauntered by on the boulevard near the workstation a new kind of light was grafted onto the premises. “How many songs can we fit in an inflatable raft?” “I didn’t know there was going to be a flood?” “There isn’t, but that rainbow is stalking me somehow…” And so, 120 nights of no sleep and seeing the dawn try not make an impression, there was some hollow hewn thing there that seemed a little basic. “Do you have anywhere to put this?” “Just leave it where it is.” I shook hands with Danger Mouse and said I’d see him again, maybe at the farmhouse or some scenic location where we could breathe a little.”

To Others?
“Beck greets the apocalypse, Danger Mouse throws a go-go party”
– Rolling Stone
“Beck’s most harrowing collection of songs”
– Pitchfork
“retro-contemporary fusion for the ages”
– USA Today

To You?
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