Davey Havok, Jade Puget, Hunter Burgan and Adam Carson, collectively known as AFI, will be releasing their eighth studio album, CRASH LOVE, September 29 on DGC/Interscope Records.

Produced by Joe McGrath and Jacknife Lee and two years in the making, CRASH LOVE is possibly AFI’s most focused, direct and ambitious effort to date. On standout tracks including “Medicate,” “Veronica Sawyer Smokes,” “End Transmission,” “Beautiful Thieves” and more, Puget, Burgan and Carson’s inimitable chemistry shines more brightly than ever while Havok’s lyrics reach beyond his trademark abstract introspection, delving into examination and dissection of celebrity culture from within and without.

“Honestly I’ve never been more proud of an AFI record,” said Havok. “We are thrilled to hear it come to life.”

During CRASH LOVE’s recording, the members of AFI were joined at Los Angeles’ Conway Studios by the winners of the band’s Begin Transmission contest, in which the band members personally went through thousands of fan-made video submissions and chose a handful of entrants to contribute backing vocals to the new album. Honorable Mentions also chosen by the band each received a handmade Valentines Day card by the member of AFI who chose him or her.

CRASH LOVE follows up two consecutive platinum AFI albums, 2006’s DECEMBERUNDERGROUND which entered the U.S. chart at #1 and 2003’s SING THE SORROW. AFI’s discography also includes the full lengths THE ART OF DROWNING (2000), BLACK SAILS IN THE SUNSET (1999), SHUT YOUR MOUTH & OPEN YOUR EYES (1997), VERY PROUD OF YA (1996) and ANSWER THAT AND STAY FASHIONABLE (1995).