Two-Song Third Man Blue Series Single To Be Released Soon

Third Man Records proudly announce the signing of a one album North American record deal with Oakland-born, Tennessee-reared UK sensation Seasick Steve.

Having previously made his way variously as farmhand, carnie, cowboy and hobo, Seasick Steve’s unique arsenal of instruments includes the Three-String Trance Wonder (a custom-tuned three-string guitar  with a Harmony pickup attached by duct tape that he’s described occasionally as the “biggest piece of shit in the world”), the One-Stringed Diddley Bow (don’t ask) and the MDM or Mississippi Drum Machine (a wooden box stomped on to provide percussion).

Seasick Steve has risen to national prominence in the UK, where his albums including I Started Out With Nothing And I Still Got Most Of It Left and Man From Another Time have charted in in the Top 10 and his sold out tours have featured headline gigs at such prestigious venues as the Royal Albert Hall, the Manchester Apollo, the Grand Opera House in Belfast, and appearances at the Reading, Leeds and Glastonbury festivals.

Seasick Steve’s forthcoming album will be released later this year in North America via Third Man Records and will be preceded by a two-song single for the label’s Blue Series. He will also be playing a small run of U.S. gigs prior to the album’s release, including March 17 at the Belmont lounge in Austin TX, March 31 at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland OR, April 4 at Slim’s in San Francisco, April 5 at the Blank Club in San Jose, and April 7 at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles.