“His excellent new album is full of cinematic detail and gorgeously dark sonic dread” The Must List,  Entertainment Weekly

A rare Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ live stream performance from the Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles TONIGHT will be hosted on the newly launched Rockfeedback Youtube channel. This exclusive sold out show marks this weeks release of the new album ‘Push The Sky Away’ worldwide. This will be the only show of it’s kind in North America. RFB’s stream will be syndicated globally via a series of media partners, bringing the experience direct to fans across the globe as it happens. Rockfeedback will also partner with Spotify on the live stream with fans able to watch the show in real time on the homepage of the Spotify client, as well as within the Spotify blog.

**watch the trailer here**

The release of ‘Push The Sky Away’ has been met with mass critical acclaim. Critics across the globe are hailing Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ 15th album as among their greatest:

“His excellent new album is full of cinematic detail and gorgeously dark sonic dread” ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, THE MUST LIST

“Push the Sky Away” is yet another gem in a long string of fiercely literate offerings from the poet laureate of post-punk.”  ASSOCIATED PRESS

“Push the Sky Away presents an uncharacteristically weightless, eerily atmospheric sound; we have foggy reveries built upon ominously rumbling bass lines, twitchy rhythmic tics, and hushed-voice intimations”  PITCHFORK

“Push the Sky Away may be broken into nine pieces, but the whole is paced like one magnificent 43-minute Nick Cave song: tense and mysterious at first, then increasingly full-blooded and lovely” NPR

“the fundamental power of his music has been surprisingly steady for decades now. And so Push The Sky Away is merely one more very good album in a long, long string of them.” STEREOGUM – ALBUM OF THE WEEK

“…predictably unpredicatable in “Push The Sky Away” … an unshakeable feeling and a belief that rock ‘n’ roll “gets you right down to your soul”  THE LOS ANGELES TIMES

““Push the Sky Away” merges the erotic and the ominous in a cocoon of electronic loops, sparse keyboards, murmured voices, and post-3 a.m. narratives.”  CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“captivating” THE BOSTON GLOBE

“Along with a special lyrical acuity comes some of the most textured music they’ve yet produced, making this latest album one of the strongest in the band’s discography.”PASTE

“the hair-raising point at which pop sugar gets gleefully poisoned by demon blues.ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

“With a stately baritone shaped mostly by cigarettes and a love of Johnny Cash, Cave narrates tales of fleshy temptation as his longtime band the Bad Seeds, play hushed, barbed prairie ballads.” – PLAYBOY MAGAZINE

“Seedy and slick, grandiose and intimate, mysterious and matter-of-fact, Nick Cave’s songs unfold like short stories from bygone eras”  NPR

“an unexpected late-period masterpiece, full of self-reflective humor, and jarring modern lyricism and musicality” CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

“Push the Sky Away grabs you and pulls you down into this subterranean journey like only a Bad Seed could do.” PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE

“Push the Sky Away is another exemplary effort from the Bad Seeds, and the moodiest entry into the Nick Cave canon in over a decade ” UNDER THE RADAR

“a gospel-like quietude infuses Push The Sky Away but there’s an emotional intensity at play as well that will leave you flattened. This, ultimately, makes the emotional devastation you experience once the record has spun all the more remarkable. I’m not embarrassed to say that on multiple occasions, Push The Sky Away has left me choking back tears” BLURT

“As always, just beyond Cave’s solemnity, there’s wicked and lovely fun to be had.” SPIN

“this album is a masterwork of spooky and hypnotic minimalism.” ASBURY PARK PRESS

“as engaging as ever” CREATIVE LOAFING

“Push the Sky Away” might just be the most beautiful album ever from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. That doesn’t mean it’s a cheery pop adventure. Rather it’s dark, slow, tense, hushed and thoroughly enveloping. “ LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR

“Nick Cave’s funereal blues is the sound of mirth’s heart stopping. There’s a romanticism inherent in Cave’s repertoire, though, a seductiveness. Even the brightest of days give way to the darkest of nights, and it’s the latter that Cave’s music soundtracks.” – LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL

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