Debut Album From Tim Kingsbury of Arcade Fire Out February 17

Sam Patch
Yeah You, And I
Debut Album From Tim Kingsbury of Arcade Fire Out February 17, 2017 on Dep Records
First Single “St. Sebastian” Out Now, Available Instantly with Pre-Orders
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Tim Kingsbury of Arcade Fire has unveiled his new project Sam Patch, confirming the February 17, 2017 release of its debut album Yeah You, And I on Dep Records preceded by first single “St. Sebastian.”

The music that would become Sam Patch was written and recorded from summer 2014 through winter 2016 after Tim completed Arcade Fire’s global Reflektor tour. Yeah You, And I is in essence a solo record. Tim recorded and produced the songs himself, building the majority of the songs up from synthesizer sequences and a drum machine loops, with layered organ, guitar and/or vocals added. “Up All Night,” the first song Tim wrote for the album, was entirely composed and partially recorded one evening in a London hotel room.

While Tim plays the majority of the instruments, and wrote and sang every song on Yeah You, And I, the album features a wide assortment of collaborators. John McEntire and Doug McCombs appear on “Never Meant No Harm” and “Up All Night.” “Listening” was co-written with Tim’s wife and partner Natalie Shatula. Basia Bulat lent her voice to seven of the record’s eight songs, and contributed vocal and piano arrangements on various tracks. Jeremy Gara, Arcade Fire drummer and Tim’s frequent musical collaborator, played drums on six of the songs.

First single “St. Sebastian” captures the essence of the album: The lyrical theme is one that Tim found to be recurring—a focus that was both conscious and otherwise—as he developed the songs. What motivates us in our lives? What do we focus on and what do we neglect? What do we use to distract ourselves from who we really are? Featuring musical touchstones from Tim’s past, such as Abba, Devo, Fleetwood Mac, Zamfir, Leonard Cohen and Stereolab and lyrical inspirations from everything from self-help books to Philip K. Dick to Greek and Christian mythology, Yeah You, And I asks these questions and more.

Sam Patch’s Yeah You, And I will be supported by a winter/spring 2017 tour. The first confirmed dates are listed below. For further information: