2.2 Million YouTube Views in First 24 Hours

Top 5 iTunes Video Chart

Top 15 iTunes Singles Chart

The people have spoken: They want their summer hard rock anthem and they’ve found it in Foo Fighters’ superlative new “Run.”

In the 24 hours since “Run” was unleashed on the public without warning, an eager populace has devoured the song and its mind boggling time warp of a video to the tune of 2.2 million YouTube views—the highest first-day numbers of any single in the Foo Fighters’ hit-laden career.

At press time, “Run” stood proudly as the the only entry by an actual rock n roll band in theTop 15 of the iTunes songs chart, where it is currently at #14 and climbing. The Dave Grohl-directed “Run” clip has simultaneously hurtled to #5 on the iTunes video chart.

Critical praise has been as deafening as “Run” itself, with raves from longtime supporters to first time boosters:

“An onslaught of guitars… (an) anthem readymade for singalongs”—USA TODAY Song of the Week

“Eight (and perhaps soon to be nine) albums into his Foo Fighters career, Grohl still wails with the infectiously unhinged force of a kid a third his age.”—NPR

“The song and the Dave Grohl-directed video are a brilliant return to form for the esteemed rockers.”—NOISEY

“An immediate asskicker… a full-bore riff-rocker with a huge, triumphant chorus. —STEREOGUM

“The Dave Grohl-led outfit is celebrating 22 years this summer, but anyone fearing that the band’s sledgehammer riffs have gone soft will have their ear drums pounded into rubble by their new song, ‘Run.’ Age brings wisdom, and a greater ability to shred.”—PEOPLE

“Opens as a dreamy, slow burner then, as you’d expect with the Foos, quickly turns heavy as thunder. How heavy? So heavy your mom will hate it and your neighbors will tell you to turn it down. So heavy it might just feature some of the most hulking moments in the Foos’ canon.”—BILLBOARD

“No one in this band is ever going to age. They’ve sipped from the fountain of the youth and will remain spry even from the grave… There is some truth here, though: Should the band ever meet their twilight years, they would almost certainly tear the roof off of a retirement home… and rock their wrinkled faces off with a song possibly even more ferocious than this.”—VULTURE

“The brawl and madness continue as ‘Run’ vacillates between a vicious rager and a steady headbanger.”—ROLLING STONE

“Foo Fighters have made their epic return with a new single ‘Run,’ alongside an amazing music video directed by frontman Dave Grohl.”—ALTERNATIVE PRESS

“There’s a none-too-subtle message here about not going gently into that good night; although the Foo Fighters are nearing the band’s 25th anniversary, they’re still a long way from the retirement home.”–AV CLUB

“Foo Fighters return with glorious new single ‘Run’ and video… With the hiatus officially over, the band has returned with a new sense of purpose… By the end of the whole thing, you’ll have the air knocked right out of ya.”—CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

“America’s favorite rockers are back..a dynamic new single that is sure to appeal to the hardcore Foo fans–and might earn them some new ones.”—PASTE

“Foo Fighters don’t do anything by half, and the group returned with a bang Thursdaymorning with a new single and video, ‘Run.’ The five-minute-plus song combines a driving riff and soaring chorus with a near-thrash-metal breakdown that brings even more heft to an already heavy track.”—VARIETY

Photo by Brantley Gutierrez