ARCADE FIRE #InfiniteInfiniteContent #DressCodeGate CONTESTS LIVE NOW


#InfiniteInfiniteContent #DressCodeGate CONTESTS LIVE NOW

Arcade Fire, whose fifth album Everything Now will be released this Friday, July 28, are currently running two Twitter contests for fans.

The first, called Infinite Infinite Content, challenges fans to create their own version of the song “Infinite Content” using only musical scores and MIDI files that the band has provided. That competition ends at 11:59 eastern time on July 27.

The second, inspired by the negative reaction to a fictional dress code that the band never insisted on for tomorrow’s intimate show in Brooklyn, is called #Dresscodegate. The band is asking fans to tweet a photo of themselves in their least hip, least trendy outfit; winners will have access to special VIP areas at the show, and they’ll be gifted a bunch of Everything Now swag.

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