Vampire Weekend: New Video for “Harmony Hall” Out Now

Vampire Weekend: New Video for “Harmony Hall” Out Now

Vampire Weekend’s new video for “Harmony Hall,” the first single from their upcoming fourth album, Father of the Bride, is out now and can be viewed here: . The video was directed by Emmett Malloy, director of previous Vampire Weekend videos “Giving Up The Gun” and “Holiday”.

Father of the Bride remains slated for a spring release on Columbia Records.

The critics on “Harmony Hall”:

On “Harmony Hall,” Ezra Koenig and his bandmates spend a joyful five minutes and nine seconds summoning a springtime mood, with cheery piano and sweet guitar licks that allude to their early sound while also introducing a bright new energy. – ROLLING STONE 

“Harmony Hall,” among the first great thrills of 2019 pop – THE ATLANTIC

Euphoric…  “Harmony Hall” sprawls out with lush symphonies, communal vibes aplenty. It begins with gentle acoustic guitar harmonics and some of the plainest, most direct lyrics Koenig has ever sung… they sound, somehow, completely new. – BILLBOARD 

A fine return to form, and feels as bright and fresh as spring… “Harmony Hall” is sweet and nimble, a welcome return to form for a group that always seemed to float atop the currents of pop and rock… But his often-cryptic lyrics find balance with a tune that is buoyant with rich guitar and piano riffing that will make old-school fans happy. It may still be winter, but spring is already in the air with the band back in the mix.  – TIME

“Harmony Hall” takes on the lusciousness of a warm spring morning with frantic guitar strumming and coordinated piano playing…. “Harmony Hall” shows that Vampire Weekend can succeed when faced with adversity and the passage of time, which can be fatal for some bands, but for them, it just adds fuel to their sound. – CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND 

We Are So Lucky That Vampire Weekend Are Back… The New York band is and always has been very good. Period… They’ve morphed into a band that can please just about anybody.  – NOISEY 

Vampire Weekend songs tend to be multilayered creations: refusing to be confined by genre, refracting big-picture epiphanies through personal experience…You could not mistake this song for anyone else….. “Harmony Hall” is a vibrant romp that seamlessly blends folksy fingerstyle guitar, ’90s rave music, a gospel choir, baroque piano, and the Grateful Dead. There are so many moving parts, but it scans as fun, danceable pop music, albeit with a melancholy streak…. As urgent manifestos go, it’s absolutely delightful. – STEREOGUM