F & M

The German-Swedish power duo LINDEMANN—Till Lindemann (Rammstein frontman) and Peter Tägtgren (mastermind behind legendary metal bands Pain and Hypocrisy)—have unleashed FRAU & MANN (Lindemann/Caroline), the second LINDEMANN album today, the 22nd of November. In this renewed collaboration, the duo takes some unfamiliar and sometimes unexpected paths.

“We have no rules,” says Lindemann. “We can write soft songs or very hard ones. It’s about the emotions. We also want to create something new, something that we haven’t done before, whether it’s with Lindemann or our other bands.” Tägtgren adds: “We don’t know what the result is going to be, we’re just going crazy. If it makes us happy, then it’s done.”

The first LINDEMANN album, Skills In Pills, featured lyrics sung entirely in English. On this second opus the rules have changed: German lyrics sung by Till Lindemann’s unmistakable voice are set in an intense and unique musical framework. The music, once again, comes from Swedish multi-instrumentalist Peter Tägtgren – an institution within the international Metal scene as the longstanding leader of Hypocrisy and Pain. Both of the artists sound even more free, schizophrenic, evil and sublime in 2019, which is just as it should be…

The starting point of these new LINDEMANN songs was a collaboration between Till Lindemann and the Hamburg Thalia Theater in the context of a modern adaptation of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale “Hänsel & Gretel”, which addresses topics such as fear, hope, poverty, abundance, cannibalism and death. Five songs from this critically acclaimed play were supplemented with six brand new masterpieces to form the impressive new studio work from LINDEMANN—an 11-song album that has been preceded by a wealth of sounds and visuals including “Steh Auf” and its “epic music video” (PEOPLE magazine) featuring a guest starring turn from Peter Stormare of FARGO fame, “Ich Weiß Es Nicht” and its mind-boggling AI-fueled clip, and “Knebel”  whose accompanying clip was deemed so unsettling that it was streamed only once in its uncensored form. 

Still to come is a timed release of a 7-minute video accompanying “Frau & Mann” the single, which was filmed in St. Petersburg, Russia and is sure to delight fans across the globe with both its clever narrative and star-studded cast.  

LINDEMANN will support the release of FRAU & MANN with a 12-date European tour taking place in February 2020. As for how the new material will be received in the current recorded and live music markets… The answer from both is simple and immediate: “We do not care.”