It is now 20 years since Gorillaz’ eponymous debut album was released and this event weirdly coincides with the announcement today by the Department of Music Correction of previously sensitive documents being de-classified and made available, causing an uncovering of early demos and rarities from the world’s most successful penciled troubadours. 

Back then, 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs and guitar prodigy Noodle burst onto the global stage (with the help of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett) following a collision of mishaps, meetings and pure luck to blow up a pre-digital world with their colorful backstory and ground-breaking virtual ways.

And now, Gorillaz (20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Vinyl Boxset) collects together the previously unknown 27-page DMC dossier of leaked documents, memos, faxes and some early Jamie Hewlett drawings (assumed lost in a fire), complete with an 8-disc vinyl set, for a very special super deluxe vinyl boxset of the album that started it all. A limited run First Edition will be released on 10th December 2021, ahead of a wider drop coming next Autumn. Pre-order First Edition here.

This special birthday feast comprises over four hours of music including the never-before-released Demoz, favorites G-Sides, Laika Come Home (first time on vinyl), the never released Live At The Forum, 2001, and of course Gorillaz which famously brought us Clint Eastwood (ft Del the Funky Homosapien),19-2000, and Tomorrow Comes Today.

Gorillaz drummer Russel Hobbs said – “Whistles have been blown. Truths have come to light. What started out as a trip down memory lane took a damn sideways turn into the heart of darkness. They say the past is another country. Turns out, it’s a whole other dimension.”

Gorillaz are coming to the big screen for one day only on Wednesday 8th December! The band’s acclaimed live show, the glorious, star studded virtual experience SONG MACHINE LIVE, captured at the band’s Kong Studios HQ in London in December 2020 will come to cinemas globally via Trafalgar Releasing, along with the cinema-exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette, ‘Live Inside From Kong’ with unseen interview footage and commentary from Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. Details here.

Also announced today, the latest collaboration from Gorillaz and vinyl toy brand Superplastic, two limited edition toy drops The Gorillaz Spacesuit Set, a series of 12-inch vinyl toys which feature all four members of the band in day-glow moon landing outfits; and an exclusive Gorillaz Mini Blind Box series created in celebration of the band’s 20th anniversary, available to pre-order from 18th November.

Frontman 2D said – “Alright guys have a look at these new Superplastic spacesuit sets. They are well lifelike, it’s like looking in a really small mirror! Check ‘em out, yeah.”

This December, explore the whole new Christmas themed Gorillaz store featuring all of the band’s festive favorites. Available from today at here.

Further Information:

Download press shots here. 

Pre-order Gorillaz (20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Vinyl Boxset)here. 

Gorillaz (20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Vinyl Boxset) – Full Tracklisting:

Gorillaz – Disc 1 & 2

1. Re-Hash
2. 5/4
3. Tomorrow Comes Today
4. New Genious (Brother)
5. Clint Eastwood
6. Man Research (Clapper)
7. Punk
8. Sound Check (Gravity)
9. Double Bass
10. Rock The House
11. 19-2000
12. Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo)
13. Starshine
14. Slow Country
15. M1 A1
16. Clint Eastwood (Ed Case/ Sweetie Irie Refix)

G-Sides – Disc 3

1. 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)
2. Dracula
3. Rock The House (Radio Edit)
4. The Sounder (Edit)
5. Faust
6. Clint Eastwood (Phi Life Cypher Version)
7. Ghost Train
8. Hip Albatross
9. Left Hand Suzuki Method
10. 12D3

Laika Come Home – Disc 4 & 5

1. Jungle Fresh
2. Strictly Rubbadub
3. Bañana Baby
4. Monkey Racket
5. De-Punked
6. P45
7. Dub Ø9
8. Crooked Dub
9. Mutant Genius
10. Come Again
11. A Fistful of Peanuts
12. Lil’ Dub Chefin’
13. Strictly Rubbadub (Extended)
14. A Fistful of Peanuts (Extended)

Live At The Forum, 2001 – Disc 6 & 7

1. M1 A1 (Live)
2. Tomorrow Comes Today (Live)
3. Slow Country (Live)
4. 5/4 (Live)
5. Starshine (Live)
6. Man Research (Live)
7. Sound Check (Live)
8. Re-Hash (Live)
9. Clint Eastwood (Live)
10. Rock The House (Live)
11. Dracula (Live)
12. 19-2000 (Live)
13. Punk (Live)
14. 5/4 (Reprise) [Live]
15. Clint Eastwood (Reprise) [Live]

Demoz – Disc 8

1. 1st Idea
2. Shaga Laga
3. Genious
4. Hand Clapper
5. Acoustic 2


About Gorillaz:

With seven albums to their name, Gorillaz (2001), Demon Days (2005), Plastic Beach (2010), The Fall (2011), Humanz (2017), The Now Now (2018) and Song Machine: Season One – Strange Timez (2020), Gorillaz is a truly global phenomenon, achieving success in entirely new and unique ways, touring the world from San Diego to Syria, Montevideo to Manchester and winning numerous awards including the coveted Jim Henson Creativity Honor.