Weekly Podcast Featuring News, Updates, Exclusive Features and Surprises from Metallica HQ and Beyond

Today marks the debut episode of The Metallica Report, a new podcast offering weekly insider updates on all things Metallica. Broadcasting directly from the band’s Northern California headquarters, The Metallica Report will be hosted by two of the closest members of the Metallica family: Steffan Chirazi, whose history with Metallica spans from covering the band as journalist in the ‘80s to his current role as editor of the band’s online mag, So What!, and Renée Richardson, Director of Philanthropy for the band’s All Within My Hands foundation, and well-known Bay Area radio personality.

Each episode of The Metallica Report will feature Steffan and Renée keeping listeners informed with the latest news and updates from Metallica HQ, as well as dispatches from the road as the M72 Tour continues to make its way around the world. The Report’s mini-features will offer exclusive behind the scenes news and interviews with the likes of the touring crew, poster and T-shirt artists, fans, and even James, Lars, Kirk and Robert themselves.  

In addition to the most inside and up to date Metallica news, The Metallica Report will be taking requests: Listeners are encouraged to submit questions, and Steffan and Renée will do their best to offer answers every Wednesday.

The Metallica Report is produced and distributed by Pantheon Media and reunites the Metallica team with co-producers PopCult, with whom they worked on 2021’s The Metallica Podcast: Volume 1.

“PopCult is excited to be working again with Metallica to expand their podcast footprint and to launch our first partnership with Pantheon,” says PopCult partner Lars Murray. “Metallica and their global community are inexhaustible sources of interesting news and stories. The Metallica Report will be a ‘must-listen’ for longtime fans, as well as folks who might be diving in for the first time.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Metallica to produce a weekly news podcast that will give fans an inside look at the band’s world,” says Christian Swain, CEO of Pantheon Media. “The Metallica Report represents an exciting new chapter for Pantheon, as we continue to push the boundaries of audio entertainment with our partner PopCult. Metallica’s standing as one of the most influential bands in music history, along with their commitment to their global community of fans, makes them the perfect partner for us.”

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About Pantheon Media
Pantheon’s podcasts deepen the connection between fans and the music they love with authentic, powerful storytelling. Starting with one original podcast in 2015 Rock and Roll Archaeology, Pantheon has become the world’s largest music and culture podcast network. In 2022 Pantheon created and produced the award-winning Basic!podcast for SiriusXM, and now has over 100 shows that inform and delight music fans around the world.

About PopCult 
PopCult is an audio-first production company that develops and produces music-driven podcasts and screen properties.  PopCult partners with music rightsholders to create narrative, news, and franchise shows around their music, making additional connections with fans and bringing new listeners to the podcast medium. Among PopCult’s best- known podcasts are The Metallica Podcast: Volume 1; The Disney Hits Podcast; A Shaw Thing: Tommy Shaw; and The Rhino Records Podcast.  

About Steffan Chirazi
The editor of Metallica’s So What! Magazine, Steffan Chirazi has been writing about—and working with—the band since 1984. He has also written for many publications worldwide, including Kerrang! and the San Francisco Chronicle, interviewed literally hundreds of stars from David Bowie to Kurt Cobain, and provides a continual chronicle of Lars, James, Kirk, Rob and Metallica since the days of Ride The Lightning. Chirazi has also worked with Sirius XM on their Mandatory Metallica channel as a producer and host, and does the same with a weekly podcast on his beloved English soccer team Tottenham Hotspur titled The Game Is About Glory. 

About Renée Richardson
Renée Richardson is the Director of Philanthropy for Metallica’s foundation, All Within My Hands. While this is her most significant professional achievement to date, Renée also has a long history on the airwaves in San Francisco. Renée’s radio career began in the late 90s as Renée Rotten on KITS/LIVE 105, and a few years later, she rebranded as Renée Richardson and joined the KFOG Morning Show. Her 17 years as a “Foghead” were spent as an on-air announcer, music programmer, and she cultivated the Bay Area’s music scene as assistant producer of the KFOG Local Scene series. After an unexpected showing of the door by Cumulus Media in 2016, Renée prioritized philanthropy. She spent three incredible years as Director of Development for Blue Bear School of Music, a 501(c)(3) music school in San Francisco, while also working with “Irish” Greg McQuaid to create Renée & Irish Greg’s Pop-Up Show, an immersive live and in-person podcast featuring music, conversation, and a fundraising element for various NPOs. When the call came, she was positioned perfectly to take on her new role with Metallica’s foundation. Renée is a Missouri School of Auction trained auctioneer and a voice actor best known for her role as a Chevron talking car. She lives with her husband, Mike, and a toothless chihuahua named Rocco.