Jaguar Love, the Portland OR electro-indie-dance-jangle-glam-rock combo comprised of former Blood Brothers Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato has announced a joint partnership with Fat Possum Records (Andrew Bird, Black Keys, Wavves). The first album under the new arrangement will be released in early 2010.

Whitney and Votolato will enter the studio on August 7th with a familiar face behind the boards. John Goodmanson, who worked with the duo on the final two Blood Brothers records, Crimes and Young Machetes, will be handling production chores on Jaguar Love’s Fat Possum debut.

The boys will be winnowing a selection of 18 new songs down to a selection of 10 or 11 for the album, with remaining tracks showing up in various online, giveaway and bonus track scenarios.

“Since last winter we’ve poured our hearts, blood, sweat, guts, grit and tears into writing this album,” Cody recently posted on his Twitter, “and Fat Possum gets us probably more than anyone has ever before.” Meanwhile, Johnny confesses, “John (Goodmanson) knows us inside and out, and this record needed to be made with someone we trust. It means too much for us to just bring in any old producer.”

The title and release date of the new record will be announced once they are confirmed.