“Gimme,” the third standalone single Beck’s released this year, is available now at

Once again featuring the unmistakable artwork of Mamma Andersson, the physical version of “Gimme” is a double 12″: Side A features the regular length vocal and instrumental versions of the track, Side B has an extended-length remix, and Side C and Side D contain two halves of a 30-minute extended edit of the track.

Along with the single’s release on Beck’s website, “Gimme” is also able to be embedded via the following code and is now streaming at

Embed code: <iframe width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”//“frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

“Gimme” is preceded by two other singles that Beck released earlier this summer: “Defriended” which prompted ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY to rave “Despite the title, Beck is ready to be your BFF again… with his excellently spaced-out stand-alone summer single,” and “I Won’t Be Long” which moved ROLLING STONE to exclaim “Best news of the summer? Beck’s comeback is officially in full swing.”

Beck has been anything but idle prior to this “comeback”: Currently hard at work one not one but two new albums, Beck has been on a non-stop creative tear since December of 2012, when he released his “Song Reader” book featuring sheet music for 20 unreleased songs.  The project has since taken a life of its own, with musicians from across the globe recording their own interpretations of different songs and uploading them onto the internet. Past that, Beck has performed (and will continue to perform) special shows that include eclectic lists of co-conspirators putting their own stamp on the compositions. Following that, Beck reimagined David Bowie’s classic “Sound + Vision” with a hand-selected 160-piece orchestra…culminating with a groundbreaking interactive 360-degree filming of a live performance of the track.

In addition, Beck has been performing select acoustic and full band electric shows dotting the globe and receiving some of the best live reviews of his storied career. Beck also helped to curate artist Doug Aitken’s traveling “Station To Station” tour featuring dozens of leading underground artists and musicians creating site-specific “happenings” as part of a cross-country train tour. He will perform a custom-created piece at the tour’s stops in Barstow and Los Angeles CA, in September 24 and 26 respectively. See for more information.

Beck will round out 2013 with a handful of festival appearances. See below for a list of currently confirmed shows and, as always, remain vigilant.

09/24/13 – Barstow, CA – Station to Station
09/26/13 – Los Angeles, CA – Station to Station
10/20/13 – San Francisco, CA – Treasure Island Music Festival
10/26-27/13 – Las Vegas, NV – Life Is Beautiful Festival
11/09/13 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Planeta Terra Festival
11/14/13 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Planeta Terra Festival