McCartney curated career-spanning compilation out June 10

Release of career-spanning collection, from 1970 debut solo album all the way through 2012’s “My Valentine”, 2014’s “Hope For The Future” and 2015’s “Say Say Say” remix.

Available on June 10 in three different formats; 2CD, 4CD and 4LP, all featuring versions of Paul’s greatest solo, Wings and Fireman compositions.

4CD version features 67 tracks, more than 40 of which were Top 40 hits including “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “Live and Let Die”, “Mull Of Kintyre”, “Ebony and Ivory”, “DanceTonight” and “New”.

© Linda McCartney
© Linda McCartney


Paul McCartney and his music need no introduction. Together with three of his friends, he changed the cultural landscape forever.

And Paul’s accomplishments since then as a member of Wings and a solo artist make for a staggering body of work that stands proudly alongside those eight sensational years with The Beatles.

Pure McCartney, a new compilation of his solo, Wings and Fireman work, celebrates that fact, showcasing 67 highlights from one of the most-revered catalogues in music – from McCartney in 1970, his debut solo album, right through to “Hope For The Future”, his 2014 track taken from Destiny, the most-anticipated video game of the last decade. Not only is Pure McCartney a monumental mixtape of some of popular music’s most memorable moments from 1970 to the present day, it also features curios for the superfans and some of Paul’s personal favorites—all handpicked by the man himself..

“Me and my team came up with the idea of putting together a collection of my recordings with nothing else in mind other than having something fun to listen to,” Paul says of this project.

“Maybe it’s to be enjoyed on a long car journey or an evening at home or at a party with friends? So we got our heads together and came up with these diverse playlists from various periods of my long and winding career.”

As a songwriter Paul has never stood still, dipping his toe in countless genres and styles. Pure McCartney is testament to that fact. From the songwriting masterclass of “Maybe I’m Amazed” and adventurous, three-songs-in-one of “Band On The Run” to the irresistible groove of “Say Say Say” and ahead-of-its-time electronica of “Temporary Secretary”, described by NME when compiling a list of the greatest ever songs as “not so much ahead of its time, but out of it altogether”, Pure McCartney charts the unstoppable adventures of McCartney’s unique and eclectic songwriting talents and shines a light on his post-Beatles artistic achievements.

“The word ‘career’ is a bit misleading because to me it has been more like a musical adventure than a proper job,” says Paul, reflecting on the Pure McCartney tracklisting. “It pleases me, and often amazes me, that I’ve been involved in the writing and recording of so many songs, each of them so different from the others.”

Paul’s unparalleled career has seen his music break global chart records, win countless awards, fill stadiums around the world and become the soundtrack to millions of people’s lives across generations.


DISC 1      

01.  Maybe I’m Amazed
02.  Heart Of The Country
03.  Jet
04.  Warm And Beautiful
05.  Listen To What The Man Said
06.  Dear Boy
07.  Silly Love Songs
08.  The Song We Were Singing
09.  Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
10.  Another Day
11.  Sing The Changes
12.  Jenny Wren
13.  Save Us
14.  Mrs Vandebilt
15.  Mull of Kintyre
16.  Let ‘Em In
17.  Let Me Roll It
18.  Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
19.  Ebony and Ivory


01.  Band on the Run
02.  Arrow Through Me
03.  My Love
04.  Live and Let Die
05.  Too Much Rain
06.  Goodnight Tonight
07.  Say Say Say [2015 Remix]
08.  My Valentine
09.  The World Tonight
10.  Pipes of Peace
11.  Dance Tonight
12.  Here Today
13.  Wanderlust
14.  Great Day
15.  Coming Up
16.  No More Lonely Nights
17.  Only Mama Knows
18.  With a Little Luck
19.  Hope For The Future
20.  Junk

PURE McCARTNEY 4CD – 67 tracks  

DISC 1      

01.  Maybe I’m Amazed
02.  Heart Of The Country
03.  Jet
04.  Warm And Beautiful
05.  Listen To What The Man Said
06.  Dear Boy
07.  Silly Love Songs
08.  The Song We Were Singing
09.  Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
10.  Early Days
11.  Big Barn Bed
12.  Another Day
13.  Flaming Pie
14.  Jenny Wren
15.  Too Many People
16.  Let Me Roll It
17.  New

DISC 2    

01.  Live and Let Die
02.  English Tea
03.  Mull of Kintyre
04.  Save Us
05.  My Love
06.  Bip Bop
07.  Let ‘Em In
08.  Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five
09.  Calico Skies
10.  Hi, Hi, Hi
11.  Waterfalls
12.  Band on the Run
13.  Appreciate
14.  Sing The Changes
15.  Arrow Through Me
16.  Every Night
17.  Junior’s Farm
18.  Mrs Vandebilt

DISC 3      

01.  Say Say Say [2015 Remix]
02.  My Valentine
03.  Pipes of Peace
04.  The World Tonight
05.  Souvenir
06.  Dance Tonight
07.  Ebony and Ivory
08.  Fine Line
09.  Here Today
10.  Press
11.  Wanderlust
12.  Winedark Open Sea
13.  Beautiful Night
14.  Girlfriend
15.  Queenie Eye
16.  We All Stand Together

DISC 4      

01.  Coming Up
02.  Too Much Rain
03.  Good Times Coming/Feel the Sun
04.  Goodnight Tonight
05.  Baby’s Request
06.  With a Little Luck
07.  Little Willow
08.  Only Mama Knows
09.  Don’t Let it Bring You Down
10.  The Back Seat Of My Car
11.  No More Lonely Nights
12.  Great Day
13.  Venus and Mars/Rock Show
14.  Temporary Secretary
15.  Hope For The Future
16.  Junk



01.  Maybe I’m Amazed
02.  Heart Of The Country
03.  Jet
04.  Warm And Beautiful
05.  Listen To What The Man Said
06.  Dear Boy


01.  Silly Love Songs
02.  The Song We Were Singing
03.  Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
04.  Another Day
05.  New


01.  Mull of Kintyre
02.  Sing The Changes
03.  Jenny Wren
04.  Mrs Vandebilt
05.  Save Us


01.  Let ‘Em In
02.  Let Me Roll It
03.  Ebony and Ivory
04.  Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five


01.  Band on the Run
02.  Arrow Through Me
03.  My Love
04.  Live and Let Die
05.  Too Much Rain


01.  Say Say Say [2015 Remix]
02.  My Valentine
03.  Goodnight Tonight
04.  The World Tonight
05.  Pipes of Peace


01.  Dance Tonight
02.  Here Today
03.  Wanderlust
04.  Great Day
05.  Coming Up
06.  No More Lonely Night


01.  Too Many People
02.  Only Mama Knows
03.  With a Little Luck
04.  Hope For The Future
05.  Junk


© Linda McCartney
© Linda McCartney