JACK WHITE in All New Serious Jibber-Jabber With Conan O’Brien

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First ever Jibber-Jabber shot entirely on 35mm film with Panavision cameras

Captured by Panavision Cameras shooting entirely on 35mm film, the fourth installment of Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’Brien, features a candid 75-minute chat with Jack White in a cigarillo smoke filled room.

Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’Brien gives the host an opportunity to take the conversation beyond the time constraints of a broadcast talk show and delve into areas not usually discussed on air.  The interview allows O’Brien and White to have the type of conversation they have not had time to touch on during White’s twelve appearances on O’Brien’s various broadcast shows.

This episode features topics ranging from the time O’Brien and White first met in Detroit, to the relationship between music and comedy, to the importance of not taking the easy way out on any project.  The latter topic is on full display with this one-time use of 35mm film as opposed to standard digital cameras.

Born the youngest of ten children, raised in Southwest Detroit and a resident of Nashville since 2005, Jack White is one of the most prolific and renowned artists of the past fifteen years. In 2009, Jack White opened the doors to his very own record label, Third Man Records, where he has since produced and released more than 120 records in less than three years.

On April 24, 2012 White released his debut album Blunderbuss on Third Man Records/Columbia. Blunderbuss debuted at #1 on the U.S. albums chart–Jack’s first ever recorded effort to do so–and was the highest charting solo debut and biggest selling vinyl album of 2012 in the U.S.. Supported by a world tour met with equal fervor, Blunderbuss also hit #1 in the UK, Canada and Switzerland, and more recently received a GRAMMY nomination for the night’s top honor, Album of the Year as well as Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song Freedom at 21.

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